Book Cover

Book Cover

Book cover mock-up for Prayer, Faith, and 12 Kids with Stickle family Photo at the bottom
Book Cover for Prayer, Faith, and 12 Kids

It was winter, believe it or not. The temperature was more like spring, however. Sam was in from South Korea for a visit, and it dawned on us that we could grab this opportunity for a family photo. The word went all around the house and a few phone calls were made to those in town. We gathered on the other side of our country block where we have a separate four-acre lot. Little did we know that in the middle of that photoshoot, we would capture the perfect personality shot for the book cover of Prayer, Faith, and 12 Kids.

Picture – Right half personalities

An element of every personality pops in this photo. Jed, on the far right, has an ornery grin as his sister Pendili plays a princess next to him. Isaac is pleased with the day off. Elias is dreaming of artistic pursuit, while Micah stands sure of his next development project. Ben can’t wait to do something with Dad, while Dad is totally absorbed in the bliss of having all the family together.

Picture – Left Half Personalities

Mom loves Dad. Zach is eager for more parties, but Levi has his mind on his developing family and future farm. Elisha is in serious contemplation about life in general as well as how his own future fits into it. Tondi finished some of next week’s plans but has about fifteen more items to go. Josh likes the current party but hopes we can all go for a hike at a nearby state park. Sam is still catching his breath from jet lag and part of his mind is on how on earth he’s going to deal with his rambunctious students when he gets back to Korea.

As we reviewed the photos from this shoot later, we discovered that our house showed up in the back between Isaac and Elias’s heads. Somehow, I think that our personalities are tied in with that rambling never finished house. How fitting to have it show up for our book cover photo.

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