Micah was born at home in 1997. He was one of my larger babies, and I could not keep his tummy happy and full enough, therefore he was very fussy. Tondi ended up helping me so much with him that she began to brag that he was her baby. After he reached one year of age, however, he seemed to make a complete about-face and turned into a jovial toddler.

I always liked to study each child’s personality and try to figure out their God given talents and direction in life. Micah’s puzzled me. He just seemed to be an imitator. If one of the kids was learning a craft, he would pursue it.

After imitating something for a while, he would expand on it and change it to some degree. One example of this was when he sold things at the farmer’s market. He bought his brother Levi’s business. All his products were labeled Levi’s Specialty Foods. The funny thing was that people would assume Micah was Levi and sometimes asked him.

During Micah’s last couple years of high school, I had him assigned to the computer carol next to mine. Several of the boys were into technology topics in a big way including Micah. He even took several free online computer courses. Meanwhile, I was working on an IT degree online.

I started into a website design course one winter. Micah could not concentrate on his regular academics for the duration of my course. He looked up online how to create websites himself and experimented with it keeping ahead of me throughout the course.

In the late spring of his senior year, I was checking my emails one day. I noticed a web development job opportunity in bold print in the middle of an email from Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA). After reading more of the details and prerequisites, I knew it fit Micah to a tee. I told him about it and forwarded him a copy of the email.

He began pursuing the application process. He even went to Virginia for an interview when we thought he was working at his grandparents. He surprised us all at his graduation party by announcing that he’d gotten the job at HSLDA.

He is still working at HSLDA. He also helped me set up and tweak this website. On the side, he offers website design, consulting, and hosting. Check out his site at Stickle.us