Jed was born so quick in 2007 that Dave ended up catching him before the midwife could arrive. That experience is known to make a father have a special attachment for a child, and it certainly did with Dave. Even though Dave didn’t have the energy anymore to wrestle a whole pile of kids every evening after work, he still sought out Jed and gave him a tickle and chase session.

Jed’s personality tempts you to want to tickle him too. He just has this ornery and spirited glint in his eyes. He enjoys action and hard work and has the muscular structure to go with it.

We took a vacation to the mountains in the summer of 2018 and his favorite part was hiking. We were choosing essay topics for school, and he only wanted ones with action in them such as sinkholes, tornados, and nuclear power. We were sorting out one of his grandparents’ estate, and the project he liked best was when Isaac and he unloaded everything from half of one room into boxes and piled them on the other half so we could take pictures of the dining room suite.

He does have a quiet side too, however. He dabbles in drawing from time to time. I think he comes up with some awesome stuff in those drawings, but then I may be biased because I’m his mom. He also enjoys spending time on the computer. He researches how things are made and action topics like tornados. He has also spent a lot of time on Minecraft.

He showed much interest in carpentry when he was little. Recently, he has been showing interest in technology topics like some of his older brothers have made into their careers. His other recent curiosity has been discussing religious things. He shows considerable spiritual wisdom for his age. As with all my children, I’m curious to see how Jed’s interests play out in his future.