Blessings and Burdens

Blessings and Burdens

I finished a rough draft of the story Log Cabin Auction today. I still can’t believe that the auctioneer that sold us our house actually stopped the auction to give a green bidder like me instructions. That was definitely a miracle! It was a miracle that would bring many blessings and burdens.

Living in the country with a few acres is a blessing. Another blessing is letting ten boys free into lots of outdoor space. A third is the freedom to farm and build playhouses. The forth is no bad influences. I thank the Lord over and over for these blessings.

While it’s a blessing to have a house, our house is a lot of work. Remodeling it teaches us many skills but takes our focus from learning other skills such as art, music, sewing, and writing. I long for those other endeavors. This causes me stress to the point that my health breaks down. Remodeling also exposes us to dust and chemicals of which I am sensitive. Don’t get me wrong though, I actually enjoy remodeling in small amounts.

In Luke 12:48, it talks about the principle of where someone entrusted with much, more is required. While we were entrusted with a physical farm, much more was required of us. Ultimately, this chapter in the Bible refers to spiritual attributes that are entrusted to a person. Jesus used physical examples, however, to get the point across. My husband and I found ourselves entrusted with both spiritual and physical gifts. Our ultimate goal was to follow God’s call. The mini-farm became a tool to use while raising our 12 children. We asked for a physical blessing. God gave us blessings and burdens. The final blessing is to see our children love God as we do. That’s the best of all!

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