Creative Mode

Creative Mode

I took in edits from Kelly today on the story Levi’s Lazy Eye. I found one particular sentence troublesome and rewrote it several times. Finally, it sounded just right! I took a deep sigh and said: “That’s Good!” Then it hit me. That is exactly what God did at many steps of His creation. He made me in His image, and we think alike in creative mode:)  

In the book of Genesis in the Bible is the account of the creation of the world. God created the world in seven days. After several of the things He created, He steps back and takes a look at what He created and sees that it is good. I think it is wise to follow His example. I find it easy to finish a task or something I’ve made and just rush into another. Stepping back and enjoying work accomplished relaxes me and inspires my next task.

When we create things in this life, we are also following God’s example. In Genesis 1:27 it says that God created man in God’s image. An image is not only something that looks like the original but has other characteristics of behavior and abilities. God gave each of us abilities that become useful when we allow ourselves to get into creative mode and develop those talents. We can create things or interact with people socially and spiritually.

After God finished creating the earth and man, He gave us a job. We are to be caretakers and managers of His creation. This goes way beyond gardening, however. He gave men the knowledge of how to take the raw materials He created and develop them into all sorts of products. Some people have done this wisely and others for monetary gain only. All of us interact with people for good or bad, but the question is whether we use the creative abilities given us in the way God intended.

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