And God Laughed

And God Laughed

I completed a rough draft of the story “And God Laughed” today. It brought the incident back to me as though it had just happened. God’s so real. I just love Him!

Have you ever heard God laugh, chuckle, or felt His smiling approval? In this story, I prayed for something to change and then heard the laughter that sounded as though God was tickled about something. He knew the answer was in process, but I only found out a couple of days later.

Before this answer to prayer, I did not realize that God had an awesome sense of humor. It makes sense though because He’s awesome at everything else–why not humor. The question is; how do we enjoy someone else’s humor? We must get to know them and relate to them. Our inner condition effects humor also.

God took me through a long journey to the point of enjoying His humor. Until the age of forty-five, many of life’s happenings seemed overwhelming and hopeless in my view. My mom summed it up when I was a teenager. “You’re such a pessimist!” she declared one day. She didn’t dwell on it, but that splash of cold water was the first realization of my negativity.

I tried to change from time to time but failed. Then God gave me a bucket of cold water one day at the age of forty-five when he said: “You just need to be thankful!” He gave me the power to improve in that area from that day forward. Now, however, some people find my optimism annoying.

One thing that is helpful towards growing a thankful, optimistic heart is to read uplifting scriptures. This site has lists of scriptures by categories. Another thing is spending time with God. Does that mean running through a long boring prayer list? Do you come to the end of that list feeling empty? Try watching a sunset and telling God how awesome He is. Sit still and let God talk to you. God laughed with me because we built a relationship. Listen…Do you hear His laughter?

red and orange sunset with leafless tree row and black hill
Contemplation on God Sunset

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